Customer spotlight – Living Felt

Below is an article written by one of our valued customers, Marie from Living Felt, who will describe their experience using our mobile inventory software in their company

“To help manage our inventory of over 2000 SKUs, we need an inventory management system with several features. Our business is both a retailer and manufacturer in a niche market of the craft space. We manufacture and purchase items in bulk, converting them into packs and kits and smaller units for resale. We have 4 warehouse locations. Our primary method of sale is eCommerce, and we also have a physical store.
We are using the MobileInventory software and wireless barcode scanner to keep track of all of our inventory. 
We use a handheld scanner to receive inventory, move inventory between locations, adjust bulk stock for production of kits/packs, etc., and to add units to a SKU after production is complete. We appreciate historical entry details in the scanner that helps us see recent inventory adjustments to a particular SKU. We also make inventory adjustments in the form of increases and decreases using the Entries function in the software. Rather than requiring our staff to scan every item that is picked and packed for orders, we upload a spreadsheet representing all items shipped out each day. A spreadsheet of SKUs is exported from our shopping cart and used to pick and pack items. The spreadsheet is then imported to the scanner, and the Entries function is used to record the adjustments. 
We export our inventory daily so it can be reviewed and evaluated for purchasing needs and warehouse transfers.
Key functionality for us is the ability to make quick changes and adjustments to the database via a spreadsheet. This includes: add fields/columns in the database, easily add/reduce inventory from our pick&pack operation, make bulk changes/updates to the database such as cost, vendor information, etc. Other important functions include the ability to easily move inventory between locations and the ability to quickly view or update our inventory with a handheld scanner. 
When we first started using the software, two of the key functions we desired were not available. We wrote to the team at and explained how we intended to use the software and what was needed to make that happen. They responded quickly with updates that performed the needed functions perfectly. This really exceeded my expectations for such low-cost software, and it positively contributed to our level of confidence and comfort in using it for our inventory management.
We knew we did not want a rigid inventory system that did not support the export of our data to excel or that required specialized training and a reformation of the way we manage and use our data. Instead, we wanted a system that could adapt to our needs and was customizable, giving us complete control of our inventory database.
We are very happy with the Mobileinventory software and are finding that it is helping us get a better handle on our inventory while also reducing the time required to do so. We love that we no longer need to write down cycle counts on paper, followed by tedious data entry. Now all receiving, deductions, and counts are entered into the scanner directly, and the information is immediately available for the purchasing and management team to review. In addition to the great functionality of, we have been very impressed with the responsiveness of customer support. Alex is great to work with and has been very helpful to us. I sincerely wish we had this in place when we had only 5 SKUs.”