How to manage stock with Mobile Inventory?

This step-by-step tutorial walks you through the whole stock management process with the help of the Mobile Inventory app.

The five steps can be performed quickly and need to be done only once.

Step 1 - Team

As an administrator, you decide who has acess to the inventory and which type of access – team leader or team member

Step 2 - Database file & Import the products into the app

Prepare the Excel file with all your products (You can use our proposed template, but it’s not mandatory, you can also use your structure). 

After having the database ready, you must open the app and add a new inventory of type “Stock  management”

Next, proceed with Importing the products from the Excel file

You can send it via email,  put it on a shared Dropbox or Google Drive, or, better, just drop the file at the following link and and quickly import it in the app just by scanning the generated code.

Step 3 - App & License

Install the MobileInventory app and activate licenses for you and your team.

For stock-management, we recommend the SYNC license, which is a montly subscription.  You need to purchase the license for every team member that needs to access to the inventory.

The real-time synchronization feature is very powerful. It allows all the team members to contribute to the inventory. If they are offline, no problem; they can still use the app. The data is saved locally, and when the internet connection is back, everything will be synched with the others

More details about different licenses and features are at this link.

Step 4 - Share the inventory with your team

First, ensure all your team members have the SYNC license active and are authenticated in the app. No worries, you can share the inventory later with the new members that join the team.

Next, sharing the inventory, it’s pretty easy. Long click on an inventory -> Share -> Type in the email address of the user that you what to share the inventory with

More details at this link

Step 5 - Export data

Exporting data can be done manually or automatically to your Google Drive

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