How to stock-take with Mobile Inventory?

This is a step-by-step tutorial that walks you through the whole process of stock-taking with the help of the Mobile Inventory app.

Although there are seven steps, most of them can be completed quickly. The most time-consuming  step 5 – the actual counting of the products

Step 1 - Team

As an inventory facilitator, you decide how many persons will participate in the stock-taking process and their responsibilities.

If you care more about the correctness of stock levels, you can have two independent teams count the same products and compare the results.

Step 2 - Database file

Prepare the Excel file with all your products (You can use our proposed template, but it’s not mandatory, you can also use your structure). 

Share the Excel file with everyone on your teamYou can send it via email, or better, you can put it on a shared Dropbox or Google Drive.

Step 3 - App & License

Install the MobileInventory app and activate licenses for you and your team.

For stock-taking, we recommend the Premium license, which is a one-time payment. You will be able to use our app in the future at no additional cost. You need to purchase the license for every user participating in the inventory process. 

Using the real-time synchronization feature with multiple users for stock-taking is optional. You can perform the counting separately on every device, and at the end of the counting process, export and merge the data.

More details about different licenses and features are at this link.

Step 4 - Import the products into the app

In this step, every team member must: 

  • Add a new inventory of type “Stock-take”
  • Import the products from the file that you prepared in Step 2

Step 5 - START Counting!

We know it’s a painful process. 

We have some features that can help ease the process:

  •  Calculator view – Storing detailed arithmetic expressions will come in handy when differences in expected value and counted value appear, and the team has to identify where the error comes from
  • Variation is equal to Book value minus Counted value – helpful to know at any point in time how much is left to be counted
  • Tags – maybe, while counting, you want to add additional information, like ‘damaged’, ‘dirty’

Step 6 - Export data

In the end, export the files from all devices.

More details at this link

Step 7 - Aggregate data

You will end up with an Excel file containing the count from each team member. 

Now you can merge all the files into one

1. You use our Online merge export files tool at this link

2. Or you can use the following Excel Macro 

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