Take stock from Stock management


Use case

If you use Stock management inventory type continuously and you want to count your physical stock time to time - this feature fits to you. 

... see the difference between Stock management and Take stock inventory types


Because adding entries continuously you get a stock and you have to compare it periodically with the real one obtained by  physical counting.


  1. Go to main area of the app (inventories list)
  2. Add new inventory
    • Choose Take stock
  3. Choose "IMPORT  from other inventory"
    • Select the parent inventory (from where you want to take over the products)
  4. Tap on PROCEED

What fields are taken over


When the products are taken over from Stock management in Take stock inventory type  - current stock from the first one is called book quantity in the second. 

As will physical count the products - variations between counted quantities and book quantities are displayed in:

  • Products list area
  • Detail tab within product area


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