Multiuser – Real time synchronization

This feature allows you to:

  • Share your inventory with other users from your team

  • Collaborate with them for adding stock information 

  • Get inventory information / reports in real time

  • Restore your shared inventories from cloud when signing in on other devices

You cannot:

  • share the images

Pre requirements:

  • All users from the team have to:
    • be connected to the internet
    • be logged in 
    • get SYNC package


1. Make sure all users of your team are logged in

  • Go to: Inventories list -> Drawer menu (top-left) -> Tap on default user
  • Log in with Google account used for Google Play Store or other user you wish



2. Define the inventory you wish to share with your team 

  • this can be done by any user of the team

3. Share the inventory with the team by adding users one by one

  • long tap on the inventory you want to share
  • choose  "Share"
  • add users one by one (bottom-right button)
    • you have to write the email address of the user you want to share with


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