Manage stock entries


Use case

Stock entries are used in  Stock management inventory type.


  1. Identify quickly the product from products list (see how to populate your products list) by using dedicated features:
    • Search
    • Filters
    • Barcode / QR scanner (external scanner or device camera)
    • NFC identification
  2. Tap on the wanted product
  3. Choose one of the entries types from "Add entry" tab:
    • INput
    • OUTput
    • MOVEment
  4. Complete the entry fields and Save

Add entry fields

  1. Location
    • Optional - only if you work with multiple locations. If you don't add the location -  the application chooses for you automatically the "Default location" 
    • A location can be added directly from "Add entry" tab or from navigation menu (see how to manage locations)
  2. Quantity
    • Mandatory
  3. Batching factor (default = 1 )
    • Optional. Batching factor is a multiplicator of the Quantity field and is used when your products are delivered in packages.
    • Example: one box contains 6 bottles. You fill 6 in batching factor area and 2 in quantity area. When saving will be recorded 12 bottles.
  4. Price
    • Mandatory
  5. Tag
    • You can assign any custom tag to an entry (ex.: damaged, expiration date, etc.)
  6. Custom fields (find out more about custom fileds)



Entries history

Navigate through entries history and edit or delete them.


  1. Edit (modify)
    • Datetime of the last update is displayed in the list
  2. Delete
    • Deleted entries can be viewed in the history list, distinctively marked
    • Datetime of deleted action is displayed
    • It does not affect the stock


Long tap on entry.



Products have a couple of attributes which can be imported or added manually. These attributes can be found in Details tab within the product area:



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