Add custom fields




In Mobile Inventory are recommended some of most used fields in inventory process, such as:

  • SKU
  • Barcodes
  • QR codes
  • Categories
  • MU
  • Book quantity
  • etc.

But there are many other fields that users need. That why we implemented a new feature which allow users to add their own fields and to use them in the app.

There are two types of custom fields:

  1. Product fileds
    • are associated with a product
      • ex: color, size, etc. 
  2. Entry fields
    • are associated with an entry (input, output, movement, counting)
      • ex.: supplier, client, invoice no., etc



Custom fields can be defined in two places:

  1. Importing products list (verify import step) -> Product field
  2. Product details tab -> Product field
  3. Product add entry/counter tab -> Entry field




Custom fields can be used as any other field that is assigned to a product:

  • add custom field value in product details tab
  • add custom field value in product add entry / counter tab
  • display it on products list screen (see change display ...)
  • see it in export list
  • etc.


... available from 2.1.0 version

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