Count physical inventory

Use case

Counting physical inventory can be done in Take stock inventory type.


  1. Populate products list. You have more alternatives to do that:
    • Import from a predefined Excel (.xls, .xlsx, .csv) product list (see how ...)
      • download a products list example here ...
    • Take over from Stock management at a certain date (see how... )
    • Add products manually one by one
  2. Identify quickly the product from products list by using dedicated features:
    • Search
    • Filters
    • Barcode / QR scanner (external scanner or device camera)
    • NFC identification
  3. Tap on the wanted product
  4. Insert counted quantities
    • you can use the built in calculator to make this process easier
  5. Export counting results - csv, excel file (see how ...)



  1. Batching factor (default = 1 )
    • Optional. Batching factor is a multiplicator of the Quantity field and is used when your products are delivered in packages.
    • Example: one box contains 6 bottles. You fill 6 in batching factor area and 2 in quantity area. When saving will be recorded 12 bottles.
  2. Quantity
    • Mandatory
  3. Location
    • Optional - only if you work with multiple locations. If you don't add the location -  the application chooses for you automatically the "Default location"
    • A location can be added directly from "Counter" tab or from navigation menu (see how to manage locations)
  4. Tag
    • You can assign any custom tag to an entry (ex.: damaged, expiration date, etc.)
  5. Custom fields (find out more about custom fileds)


Countings history

Navigate through countings history and edit or delete them.


  1. Edit (modify)
    • Datetime of the last update is displayed in the list
  2. Delete
    • Deleted countings can be viewed in the history list, distinctively marked
    • Datetime of deleted action is displayed


Long tap on entry.





Products have a couple of attributes which can be imported or added manually. These attributes can be found in Details tab within the product area:

  • Picture
  • SKU
  • Barcode / QR code
  • Product name
  • NFC
  • MU
  • Category
  • Custom fields
  • Book Quantity
  • Counted quantity
  • Variation (counted vs. book quantity)



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