Sorting by custom fields

Mobile Inventory offers great tools for the best usability of the products list.

Among them you can find the sorting feature by different predefined fields:

  • product name
  • sku
  • variation
  • etc.


But what happens when you add your own custom fields and you want to sort the list by them?


Now you can do that by selecting your custom field in the sorting area (see the image beside).


Images – importing in bulk


  1. Place all your images in "Mobile Inventory - Images" directory:
    • located in the device's main user storage (/sdcard/ for most devices)
    • *Note - If you don't find this directory add an image to a product from the app and it will be created (see how ...)
  2. In your import file, create another "Image" column, and for each product specify the name of the image file, including the extension:
    • example: "Product_258_Field_11.jpg"
  3. Do an import inside the app, and make sure you match the image field from the app with the image column from Excel file (find out more about importing from excel file)



How can I import the countings values I’ve done before?


  • You've done the counting before and
  • You want to import the countings results in a NEW inventory

When not?

  • You want to update an existing inventory 


The process is similar with the importing products list.

All you have to do is to add a dedicated column with the countings in your excel products list and to match it with the field named "Counted".


How can I turn on the device flash during the barcode scanning?



Sometimes scanning the barcode is difficult because you have to do that in dark places.

For making your job easier you can activate the flash of the device.


During the barcode scanning process press:

  • the volume button up of your device  to open the flash
  • the volume button down of your device to close the flash


Switch Barcodes / QR codes between inventories


Most of the times some fields values associated to the same barcode / QR code are identical.

In order to avoid filling fields with the same data for each inventory - starting with the second inventory some fields are updated by default  with values from the previous one.


This feature makes sense when you work with multiple inventories.


You have to tap on Barcode button from Products list screen and, of course, to scan the label.


It doesn't work if you tap on barcode button from Counter tab or Details tab.



The following fields are updated by default:

  • SKU
  • Barcode
  • Product name
  • MU
  • Category


... available from 2.1.0 version

Change first tab after tap


When tap on product one of the three associated tabs is opening. 

The Counter tab is set by default but you can change it with one of the other two:

  • Details or History


For doing that you have to choose First tab after tap from Settings area.


... available from 2.1.0 version

Operations history export


One of the most useful features of Mobile Inventory app is exporting the inventories to excel files.

From the very beginning there was only one excel sheet - Counted summary - with one single row for each item from counted products.

Because some of our users considered useful viewing in an excel sheet the operations history, we added in excel file a new sheet called - Operation Details.





The new sheet  is placed in the same excel file as the main one (Counted summary) and is generated in the same manner:

  • Contextual menuExport inventory ...


It has the following columns:

  • Row Id
  • SKU
  • Product name
  • Added (Date Time)
  • Batching factor
  • Operations history
  • Total counted
  • Tags

... available from 2.1.0 version